An Early Start On Reading To Break Out Of Poverty

parent and child seated and reading books
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The COVID pandemic drew our attention to housing issues. It also highlighted gaps in the education system. This put students who were homeless at a double disadvantage.

Enter Phoebe Grant-Robinson, who started Dream Between the Lines with two colleagues. Dream Between the Lines supports very young students (up to grade three) and their parents. Dream Between the Lines helps the young scholars by supplying books. As well, it supports parents to nurture reading skills in their children. The program reaches out to students in homeless shelters and people who are couch surfing or other precarious housing situations

Education has proven itself to be a long term strategy to improve incomes and access to housing that is stable, safe and affordable. Grant-Robinson and her colleagues have plans to expand Dream Between the Lines to students in precarious housing situations across New York State.

An interview with Phoebe Grant-Robinson about Dream Between the Lines is posted at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health: Exchange with an Expert: Phoebe Grant-Robinson