UK Conference: Affordability Demands Accessibility . . . In All Homes

Roll in shower with hand rails in an accessible bathroom.
Accessible bathroom. photo by ironypoisoning is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Accessible bathroom.

Free market housing developers speak to the public in a code that invariably reflects their shareholder interests. ‘Quality Housing’, ‘Quiet Enclave’, ‘Luxurious Appointments’ can be readily translated to mean ‘Comfortable Developer Profits.’

Hardly surprising then, that when it comes to the importance of other factors beyond industry profit that can contribute the future of affordable housing, we need to listen to other voices.

Such an opportunity was presented recently at the first Improving Lives 2025 housing conference held in Peterborough, UK.

At that conference, Julie Doyle, the CEO of Longhurst Group, a charitable housing provider, spoke out strongly in favour of a future in which all housing, not just specialized housing, is accessible.

For more on Doyle’s vision for an extraordinarily ambitious, though thoroughly practical, conversation about easing housing affordability crises, read in 24housing: CEO Calls For Accessible Housing ‘Conversation Change’