Feed The Homeless? Whenever You Say, God.

In a halo of light, God speaks to a crowd
This scene was created by affordablehousingaction.org and is licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

God, it seems, may have no sense of timing, at least as far as humans might assess the situation. Could this be a problem? Actually, it can be quite the blessing.

If God had spoken to Lady T just the other Sunday in Church, October 2, 2023, we all might be nodding in agreement that the His command was important, useful, and worthy of instant consideration.

But a little too late, perhaps? Perhaps indeed, given the growing worldwide housing crisis. But no, God had that angle covered off nicely. Because His nighttime instruction to feed the homeless came way back in 1996, providing all kinds of time to get all kinds of good works under way in time for our current worldwide homeless difficulties. And that’s exactly what Lady T did and continues to do today.

So while we might question the quirkiness of God’s timing when commanding Lady T, it sure as heck has given her time to get her calling to feed the homeless well and truly together! Read/Watch more at FOX 5 Atlanta: She says God told her to feed the homeless: ‘I shut the catering business down the next day’