Feeling Pissed About We The Police? Have A House On Us.

A pair of police officers in uniform, made more intimidating with their faces covered by mask and sun glasses
Even more intimidating thanks to COVID restrictions, Dhaka, Bangladesh police officers like their colleagues around the world would like to find more positive ways to connect with the public.

In North America, we’re accustomed to Police Associations as reactive. Defending this officer or that from allegations of this or that. Lobbying this jurisdiction or that to prevent reduction of police budgets, avoid constraining police behaviour, scuppering ways policing is conducted (i.e. body cams) and so forth.

What about proactively teaching the public to feel happier about police, what they do, how they do it and, importantly, what police might be seen to care and feel about the public?

The following might be a useful little encouragement for cities, their police forces, and their police associations. From The Business Standard in Bangladesh: Police provide housing to 400 homeless families marking Mujib Year

Some might say that this is nothing but a cynical public relations ploy. Sure. Why not? Let’s have more of it!