Gavin Turns The Other Cheek — Repeatedly — For Xmas Charity Dinners

This featured image is a thumbnail picture for the Youtube video linked at the bottom of this post.

The news that UK actor Tom Wilkinson1 recently died has, for, provided not only a sadness that, but also prodded our memory of a warm-hearted hit film: “The Full Monty.”

This unexpected hit features a cast portraying the suffering of a collection of ‘down-and-outers’. Their portrayal is very unlike the mean-spirited spite that these days so often paints references to the unhoused who may or may not know where there next meal is coming from.

Desperate, yes. Struggling, no doubt. But in the end they are not a soulless gang of self-indulgent addicts and petty thieves. Indeed, the climax of the film is a celebration by a substantial community of raucous supporters. For those who’ve never encountered the film, here’s the ‘Throwback Trailer’ from YouTube: The Full Monty 20th Century FOX

And in such a portrayal of community engagement we can currently find real-life support from a somewhat similar ‘cheeky’ enterprise that puts both the shoe, and indeed the lack of a shoe, on the other foot. Read more in ROCHDALE ONLINE: Gavin’s cheeky fundraiser raises hundreds of pounds for local families’ Christmas dinner


  1. Tom Wilkinson: The Full Monty actor dies at 75