Gentrification Without Gentry. Can It Happen?

protest banner with phrase gentrification is colonization
Traditional_Workers_May_Day_Rally_and_March_Chicago_Illinois_5-1-18 photo by Charles Edward Miller is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
This picture was taken during the May 1, 2018 Labour Day Parade in Chicago

Consistent, excellent writing doesn’t come cheap, which is why many major news organizations have paywalls. Alas, in our pursuit of thought-provoking articles about affordable housing, we inevitably bump into superior writing in papers such as the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Such is a latest offering from the Washington Post, which explores the idea that gentrification of a neighbourhood can occur without the wholesale displacement of those who have previously been living there.

There are those who find the Washington Post to be essential reading and subscribe to the newspaper. Others may have a monthly free view or two available. To those of our readers, we can recommend this article in the Washington Post: Yes, You Can Gentrify A Neighborhood Without Pushing Out Poor People

Another option is to patronize a smaller newspaper with a more liberal allowance of free views. One example is the MACOMB DAILY: Neighborhoods Can Be Gentrified Without Pushing Out Poor People

The underlying story, is however, not new, and an interesting analysis of the link between gentrification and displacement can be found in this 2015 article in CITYLAB: The Complicated Link Between Gentrification And Displacement