Germany, Famous for Building Better, Builds Better Home Rental Lifestyles

Evicted from a home, a family sits on furniture put out on the sidewalk
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Renting in the United Kingdom? Perhaps you have lived a life summed up by the following: moving through no less than 10 different homes over 15 years, the journey spiced by a pair of evictions. Such a lifestyle may well be the definition of stress, disappointment and insecurity. Furthermore a recent UK study suggests that such a precarious housing is an actual life shortener1.

Not a UK citizen? Well, does your jurisdiction make it easy for landlords to force you out by upping the rent, or booting you to the curb for any reason, even no reason at all? It’s certainly not an uncommon form of legal favouritism towards landlords.

If so, like UK renters, you may be interested to hear that there exists at least one country where renters manage to stay in the same home on average more than ten years. True, you may well not be in a position to move there.

But perhaps you might like to take some notes for the purposes of local activism in an oppressive rental housing jurisdiction. Read more in The Guardian: Germany proves that private renting can work better than it does in Britain


  1. Try: DNA Sampling Speaks To The Value Of Social Housing