Good Will Renting

Rooms to rent (slightly modified, apologies to c_nilsen photo by c_nilsen is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
An unlikely sign on a building? Possibly. An unlikely sentiment? Not in Denver, Colorado.

With so many people hanging on for dear life to necessities such as food, health care and housing, its easy to suppose that everyone does it with the same kind of fierce passion.

Its a supposition that becomes stronger with an awareness that some familiar religious movements have gravitated towards self-satisfaction and self-congratulation, presumably revering what bounty they have as they clutch it firmly to themselves.

And then there is a major conservative political movement afoot which believes that care of those who are weaker or less fortunate is not a hallmark of compassionate civilization, but a plot to replace the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of an entitled few.

So it is greatly refreshing and encouraging to occasionally run into stories such as this one in the U.S. News & World Report: Homeowners Welcoming Needy Renters to Fix Housing Crisis

And its equally refreshing and encouraging to discover that there is a housing agency in Australia founded upon the good will of landlords who are prepared to offer accommodations to those in need at rents below market rate. For more on this try: Is Good Will a Rarity or a Reliable Affordable Housing Resource?