Green Social Housing: Impossible Dream Or Old News?

green housing project completed in 2002
BedZED 01 photo by Giogo is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
This green housing development in Hockbridge was built in 2002.

One way or another, many feel that social housing is too expensive for America, even as many other nations find ways to utilize this truly affordable form of housing. With climate change challenging architects and builders to make housing affordable and energy efficient, any renaissance of social housing would seem to face insurmountable odds.

To borrow a British expression for ‘cheap’ could it be possible to successfully build social housing that is both ‘green’ and ‘mean?’

As it happens, a housing project took up this challenge 18 years ago, long before the current urgency of climate change. One quarter of the units in this project are social housing. Read more in LIVING: What’s Life Like Inside The UK’S First Zero Carbon, Eco Village?