Green With Envy: Futuristic Benefits To Cities Elevate Citizens Unequally

High rise buildings poke up amidst the greenery of a forest
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Modernizing cities! Out with the obviously dirty, depressingly ugly, cough-inducing, environmentally-damaging old. In with the sylvan new: vegetative proliferation, babbling brooks, micro-forest canopies, peddle-mobility, awardable aesthetic standards, puffed and proud exemplification of climate-friendly carbon capture.

Surely every citizen reaps what a healthier, environmentally conscious, city sews?

Maybe. . . but not necessarily equally.

A 28 city study by the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, explored whether ‘greening’ a city necessarily means that all will be uplifted by the health and livability improvements.

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