Guardian Public Service Awards: Good Housing News From A Great Paper

Old, grey council houses in Bellbank, UK
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Bellsbank Council Housing, Bellsbank, UK: the 'Before' view. For the 'After' view following their award-winning makeover, check out the second of the accompanying Guardian articles.

Before getting into The Guardian Housing and Public Service Awards, an Top Affordable Housing Newspaper award to The Guardian itself.

The Guardian is right up there in quality with the top handful of English language newspapers. It has a big commitment to housing issues. What takes it to the top in our rating is its lack of a paywall. Anyone, anywhere can quickly experience or re-experience the quality of its reporting and writing on the subject of affordable housing, not just in the United Kingdom, but around the world. (Hopefully, you’ll also appreciate the reasons it needs your financial support.)

Three Guardian Public Service Awards in the Housing category:

  • winner: a program that has finally built more new affordable housing units than number it lost through the right-to-buy program this year
  • runner-up: an innovative charitable program that supports people who are near-destitute and near-homeless and have no access to government ‘safety-net’ programs
  • runner-up: a support program for vulnerable young people moving into their first home

Read more in The Guardian: Guardian Public Service Awards: Housing Winner

First runner-up in the Public Service Transformation category:

And second runner-up in the Workforce Learning and Development category: