Helping Homeless Shelters To Welcome Pets And Their Owners

solitary person walking with a dog in the mist
Dog walking photo by AaronBarlow is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
Turned away from a homeless shelter?

Streetvet, a cadre of volunteers in England, offers veterinary services to over 1,000 pets that belong to people who are homeless. During the COVID-19 lockdown, local councils offered emergency accommodation to people who were sleeping rough, but that offer didn’t always extend to their pets. Rather than give up their pets, people declined the offer of temporary accommodation.

During COVID-19 lockdown, Streetvet began helping the agencies that had to turn away pets, offering practical supports including pet cages and sample policies for shelters and other services that would allow them to accommodate people with their pets.

As the story makes clear, programs that welcome pets could be the difference between staying on the streets and accepting services indoors. This story will be of interest to anyone who wonders why pet programs are so important. The story will also be helpful to shelters and other services that are looking for advice on how to broaden their services to welcome pets.

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