A Clean And Green Future For The 1% After The 99% Are Gone?

pond with ducks, swans and a fountain in Copenhagen
Fælledparken 3 photo by Thue is licensed under the public domain
When there's only nature and the 1% left on earth, things will still be ducky.

It has been said quite recently that only the wealthy can afford to invest in climate change. The rest of the world is too busy trying stay alive. Or, in terms of affordable housing, too busy trying to find and/or keep a roof overhead.

So how will the 1% live after the rest of us 99% have failed to keep our noses above water, or our houses from burning down?

One vision comes from Denmark, artfully mingling a few cherished animal survivors into a wilderness flecked with occasional wooden luxury housing.

Any mention here of affordability? Of course not. It will no longer have any meaning on a planet inhabited only by cockroaches in the wild and the 1% of humanity in their nature-gated community zoos. These folks will undoubtedly always be able to afford whatever is left to afford.

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