Home Builders’ Solution: Higher Wages Can Make Our Products Affordable

in construction photo by tetsuo shimizu is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

A series of economic miracles that definitely do not depend on government interference is apparently due to occur. It will benefit young people as well as seniors with little savings together with the unemployed, the seasonally employed, part time workers and many others. They will become the beneficiaries of a vast financial conspiracy to raise all their wages (or actually give them a wage in the first place)!

Be sure to hold your breath, because just as soon as this blessed event happens, all of those mentioned above will be able to afford the upscale homes that builders are now forced to profitably build.

Alas, in the meantime there is little or nothing builders can do to help the affordable housing crisis. That would seem to be the view from the building industry, as reported in Builder:  THE AFFORDABILITY CHALLENGE

Do builders have a point? If so, with little evidence of an epidemic of pay raises that engulfs whole nations, there may be a very large number of people worldwide living in tents and under bridges for a long time to come.




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