Tiny Points Of Light Can’t Put Housing Humpty Dumpty Back Together, But…

work tools are scattered about an unrefurbished room.
before photo by hotzeplotz is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Reburbishing older structures is usually of no interest to 'Big Housing,' and more attractive to speciality contractors (expensive). But what about Charity?

The much-worshipped self-regultory mechanics of the Law of Supply and Demand are failing to deliver the affordable housing that free market nations need.

America announced its determination to pass the buck on this problem (along with many others) when President George H. W. Bush pushed responsibility for social programs away from the ideal of small government and onto the shoulders of ‘a thousand tiny points of light’— in other words onto charities.

Even though a nation’s housing problems may be far beyond the effective management of voluntary, charitable and non-profit enterprise, it’s important to celebrate just how wonderful it can be.

For a heartwarming tale of how a successful Columbus, Ohio grew out of a Sunday school class project, read more in The Republic: Home Sweet Homes: Thrive Alliance Housing Services Marks 30 Years Of Housing Help

Meanwhile, the struggle continues to determine just how government involvement must inevitably be necessary to provide shelter for growing numbers of citizens facing homelessness.