New Scottish End-Homelessness Recipe: 1. Find The Right Disease

A clever artwork is flat on a pavement and crawling up a wall. It looks like a squatting person holding up a sign saying, 'forget the coins, I want change'
Street art on a Glasgow pavement and shop front.

And it seems that in the United Kingdom including Scotland, the national government has found the right disease. Only COVID-19 found the government, rather than the other way around.

Nevertheless, the first step has been taken. After years of hand-wringing, half-measures and a can’t do attitude, the UK government laid down the law.

Local Councils were ordered to move all homeless persons into temporary accommodation at least within . . . not years, months, or weeks, but days.1

And for all the ‘not-doable bleatings’ over the years, someone has decided that it must be done.

Now Scotland is now considering the next step: making homes permanent. Read more in The Herald: Homeless Families Could Have Temporary Tenancies ‘Flipped’ To Permanent Housing

A hopeful silver lining that will eventually provide a recipe for ending homelessness everywhere?


  1. In case you missed this development, try: COVID-19 Response: How To Make It So


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