Homelessness As A Fashion Statement?

This scene was created by affordablehousingaction.org and is licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication
Can inner beauty transcend conventional fashion?

France, arguably the centre of the world’s fashion universe, recently experienced a fashion show in which homelessness has won an award. All glory and credit to a young fashion designer for his vision, though it’s difficult to pinpoint quite what the award is all about.

The Lisaa Mode Fashion Show created a special prize to express its admiration of student Eugène Larée’s presentation in a fashion show entitled “The future is now.”

Was it an award for identifying a homelessness ‘style’ and attempting to present it as a clever fashion discovery — a witty commentary on current streetscapes? We’re not sure.

Is it recognition that as people who are homeless themselves are bereft of financial resources to dress in highest fashion, they have sharpened their sensibilities to identify rags as a framework for the inner beauty that we all possess? Some kind of  over-arching social commentary?

Or is it that the act of involving people who are homeless in the creation of fashion is worthy of award?

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P.S. the title of the article in Fashion United was originally written in French. It has lost a certain something in the translation and therefore makes uncertain sense in the opinion of Affordablehousingaction.org.