Homelessness Officialdom. All Dressed Up, But . . . Places To Go?

exterior view of home in deschutes oregon
Homes in Deschutes Oregon are in short supply. This one dates to 1933.

A homelessness story out of Deschutes County points to a dilemma that local authorities are wrestling this these days as they receive funding from higher levels of government.

As in other localities, it’s not so much a homelessness story, but more of a ‘lessness’ story. That’s because the the active ingredient of the story is ‘home.’ With homes missing on the solution list, what else is there to do? Many of the alternatives without homes available may well be empty discussion and decision making.

This year, Oregon has favoured Deschutes Country and its four major communities with a million dollars to create a ‘joint office to address homelessness.’

As the following article suggests: ‘now what?’

Those approaching senility may remember Ed Norton, the goofy sidekick of Ralph Cramden (played by Jackie Gleason), learning to play golf with waggling bottom and club, addressing the ball with drawn-out exuberance: “Hellooo, Ball.”

(Those who may wish to refresh their memories, and anyone else for that matter, can soak up the live-before-a studio-audience brilliance courtesy of Youtubehere.)

Not to belittle the puzzle facing Deschutes County, but any group facing a tough-to-impossible task with inevitably limited funds probably needs a good laugh.

For those getting on with homelessness puzzles facing their own underfunded communities, the following article presents a laundry list of questions to be answered. As well, it identifies some decisions to be made before even getting underway to ‘address homelessness’ (always assuming there is any money left to actually spend on homelessness mitigating activities).

Read more in The Bulletin: Deschutes County, cities embark on deciding how new joint office of homelessness will run