Housing For All: Have We Abandoned The Will To Plan Utopia?

A row of older, well kept english red brick cottages line a road
Cottages in Welwyn Garden City in England, planned as a confluence of two planning ideals in 1920: a Garden City, and a New Town.

In a dog eat dog housing world, those who can afford housing compete in a low-choice social universe that offers the suburban dream home sprawl versus gentrified shoe box living. Those who can’t afford to compete get pushed towards the leftovers, whatever they are, and wherever anything is available — a fate that increasingly includes no housing at all.

The architecture journal Archdaily decries the lack of innovation in a free-enterprise competitive universe of tooth-to-tooth snapping dogs. The publication proposes some examples from earlier times that offer alternative and attractive visions of how social cooperation can more effectively and attractively shelter a population together.

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