Housing Justice Conference Faults ‘Back Door Gentrification’ & University Complicity

On the Lawn, University of Virginia photo by Rex Hammock is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
U of VA beauty's price: student off-campus residence development crowds out poor.

A Charlottesville, Virginia Housing Justice Conference identified two indirect but still concerning problems which were driving up housing prices, and driving out seniors of color, including those who own their modest, affordable homes.

The University of Virginia came in for criticism. Loath to destroy some of the beautiful green space of their campus with student housing, they have watched from the sidelines as student housing projects push further and further downtown, contributing to the housing pressures on city neighbourhoods and pushing up prices.

At the conference it was also pointed out that fixed income seniors who owned their own houses were not insulated from rising housing prices in districts with new local development. That development invariably raises the tax base, making it difficult or impossible for some homeowners to pay taxes on their homes, leaving little alternative but to sell up and move out.

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