Housing Yes, If Not Housing First: Key To Preventing Incarceration Return

a maze of iron bars surround an otherwise featureless room
Old Carabanchel Prison Center in Madrid. photo by Laura is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
New home for a woman freed from incarceration? Without social supports it may be a return to a prison cage.

An African American producer and documentary filmmaker describes the difficulties incarcerated women face in their attempts to avoid reoffending and being pushed back into the prison system.

To explore the plight of these women, Messiah Rhodes produced a two part documentary entitled Against All Odds. Rhodes’s work is informed by personal experience. His mother was in and out of prison for fifteen years when he was a child.

In an interview with The Crime Report, Rhodes identifies many hurdles that must be overcome to successfully return to society, including the importance of personal development that can begin within the prison system.

With secure, stable housing an essential goal, Rhodes praises positive examples of housing support programs that currently exist, while lamenting the general lack of housing support in the U.S.

Read more on his measured and thoughtful views about supports such as further education that can support a woman’s successful return to society in The Crime Report:  ‘I Lost My Mom to the Justice System for 15 Years’

To view the two documentary films themselves at Al Jazeera: Against All Odds