How Church Land Can Help To Ease The Need For Social Housing

A modest stone church with a quiet courtyard, tall glass faces of high-rise buildings tower above it
Church photo by Tony Hisgett is licensed under CC BY 2.0
A Brisbane, Australia churchyard.

Public land? Philanthropist donated land? Church land?

Tone Wheeler kicks off a discussion about Australian government disinterest in using public land for social housing. A similar attitude from philanthropy paves his way to explore using church land to help build housing for the country’s most vulnerable.

Along the way, Wheeler provides a useful analysis of the various kinds of housing available in Australia for both purchase and rental, why private rental housing is increasingly unaffordable, and how church land can help to create desperately needed social housing.

While numbers and percentages will differ somewhat, similar patterns of housing costs are evident in other countries, leading to similar crises. The following article provides a useful primer for the issues that are involved.

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