How Deregulation Saved Screwed New Zealand’s Homebuilding Industry

house that appears to be sinking at one end. It actually level, and situated on a steep street.
Not quite on the level... photo by Bernard Spragg. NZ is licensed under CC ZERO 1.0
What ails this house?

You’re not by any chance associated with a city council currently vulnerable to seduction by a housing industry solution to end all housing crises?

Surely you’ve heard the battle cry: deregulation, deregulation, deregulation!

Once unchained from pesky regulations, housing industries everywhere are promising to harness all-powerful Economics 101, powered by the Laws of Supply and Demand, to mega-build nations out of their housing woes.

Tickles your fancy, does it?

It might be time for a little deregulation wake-up call from a new book: Rottenomics: The Story of New Zealand’s Leaky Buildings Disaster

For a thought-provoking book review, read more in at the World Socialist Web Site:1 How Profit-Gouging And Government Deregulation Created New Zealand’s Home-Building Catastrophe


  1. OMG! Head for the hills, red-under-the-bedsters! Here we are encouraging you to enter the lair of the demon anti-kings. But really, it’s only a book review, quite possible to read and absorb without becoming permanently infected by crypto-commie dogma.