Updated: New Life For 100 Year Old Buildings?

street level view of Albert Road in Govanhill, Glasgow, showing tenement housing above and commercial uses at street level
A pilot retrofitting project is underway in Glasgow. It will shrink the carbon footprint of tenement buildings like this one.

In June 2020, affordablehousingaction.org reported about a renovation project at an eight unit tenement in Glasgow. Now, the BBC is providing an update on how it’s coming along. The renovations are extensive, but in the end, these homes, which are more than 100 years old, should achieve passivhaus standards. Read more at BBC: How do we make homes fit for net zeroes?

Below: Our first post on the research underlying the renovation.

Climate change research has identified a number of emission culprits. One of those culprits is older housing stock. A team in Glasgow is setting out to figure out how to reverse that.

Eight housing units in a building that is over 100 years old will be transformed from big emitters to non-emitters. As the work progresses, the team will assess how this pilot could be expanded to a larger scale. A big concern going into the project is maintaining the affordability of the existing units, as transforming housing with a large carbon footprint requires money.

It’s a triple challenge: refurbishment, energy efficiency, and affordability — certainly something for everyone to keep their eye on! For more on this development, see at the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence: Climate Emergency Funding For Major New Project In Glasgow

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