Idaho Company Mainstreams Tin Can Living

photo of several-story house built from shipping containers
freight containers photo by j_mills is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
A steel shipping container experiment in modern living: encouraging sign of tins to come?

Homes built from sturdy but no longer seaworthy shipping containers have been, among other things, a subset of affordable ‘tiny house living’ explorations for a few years now.

Shipping containers have also been the focus of intriguing experiments in a modularized ‘building-block’ method of constructing larger homes, as well as multiple home buildings.

For a peek at some inventive prototypes, try Wonderful Engineering: These 15 Amazing Buildings Are Made Out Of Recycled Shipping Containers

Conventional construction industry pundits are eager to point out that conventional frame buildings are cheaper, as quick to construct, just as sturdy, etc. However, some housing visionaries remain stubbornly unconvinced.

One such visionary company has gone beyond the ‘curious hobbyist’ stage and is manufacturing small homes based on shipping containers: Read more in East Idaho Business Journal: Manufacturer Transforms Shipping Containers Into Affordable Homes