Is ‘Neighbourhood Character’ A NIMBY Weapon Whose Days Are Numbered?

Affordable housing for artists takes shape in Hamden, Connecticut. Perhaps artists are dependable additions to, rather than subtractions from, neighborhood character.

Not in my back yard!

But why?

The character of the neighborhood will be destroyed by . . . those buildings . . . those people . . . their traffic . . . criminal elements . . . young vandals . . . and so on.

‘Neighborhood character’ is in the eye of the beholder. It reached its full precious magnificence yesterday. Any change tomorrow will destroy it absolutely. Neighborhood character has been grudgingly accepted in hearings all around the world as a valid reason for delaying, scaling down, and often extinguishing affordable housing project proposals.

But perhaps not for very much longer. The governor of one American state with a social conscience is proposing legislation to remove the ‘neighborhood character’ argument from the list of permissible impediments to affordable housing progress. Read more in The New Haven Register: Malloy pushes for more affordable housing


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