Just A Jingle Or Two Of Your UK Purse Will Buy You A Home! Really!?

A striking older UK business building with 'NatWest Bank' emblazoned upon it
NatWest Bank branch photo by Max. G. is licensed under CC BY 2.0
NatWest Bank: yesterday's venerable attitudes couched in yesterday's venerable architecture?

Hey, would-be home buyers worldwide, not to mention those renters who are impoverished by helping ‘buy-to-rent’ landlords pay off their third or fourth home!

This post is for you.

How ‘with it’ are your chief financial supporters, those well-paid governers and chairmen of banks and other financial institutions? The question arises from recent statements made by Sir Howard Davies, Chairman of the United Kingdom’s NatWest Bank.

“Not that difficult to buy a home,” says Sir Howard. Apparently, you just have to save money.

Thanks for that hot tip, Sir Howard! Good to know that your £763,000 annual salary, like the salaries of most of us with similar good fortune, can cover a modest down payment.

A writer for the New Statesman has the entire population of the United Kingdom throwing their toast at their radios. Even fortified with the King’s Christmas message, the British stiff upper lip can only take so much abuse before explosively expelling the national toast. Read more in the New Statesman1: The NatWest chair thinks it’s “not that difficult” to buy a home. Is he right?

So are the lenders and their government cronies as far out of touch in your country as they seem to be in the UK? To help you measure your own country’s top lenders against those miracle workers available to the Brits, read more at the BBC (which is not paywalled): Sir Howard Davies: Not that difficult to buy a home, says NatWest chair


  1. The New Statesman offers a limited number of free reads. You will need sign up with an email address to access them.