Keeping Up Appearances: How Much Does That Matter To the Unhoused?

A young woman, somewhat tattered, sits on the sidewalk applying lipstick while surrounded by cosmetic bottles
This scene was created by and is licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

Where to find answers the question posed in the headline above? If we were to depend on a ‘scientific’ approach to the answer, we might be waiting a long while.

Feel-good ego boosts such as makeup are far from an inexpensive luxury. Answers about their importance for a penniless person living in a sidewalk tent might require a lengthy wait for an appropriate study. Has a university psychology lab tackled the issue with a budget for purchasing expensive beauty supplies?

If not, fortunately, there are one or two one or two alternative sources of useful information on this subject, not only for women, but anyone looking for a confidence boost. One of those hails from Boston, Massachusetts — a non-profit with a feel-good name suggestive of both charity and beauty. Read more at GBH: Building confidence with beauty, Give n’ Glow looks to empower unhoused women