‘Land Of The Flee!’ Everyone Else Is Using This Quip, So Why Us?

US flag decal ripped to outline of US northeast map
USA Falling Apart photo by Shannon Kringen is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Because we’re not so much commenting on ‘fed up’ New Yorkers suddenly rediscovering the joys of suburbia. More, we’re wringing our hands over the disruption COVID-19 is causing to our conventional thinking. Aren’t decaying suburbs meant to be forced destinations for the underclasses with nowhere else to go?

Where next for those most disadvantaged? Spa towns and ski resorts abandoned by the down-hunkering wealthy? Or is the future back to an ungentrifying inner city, squatting by night in unsellable condos and townhouses owned by housing speculators unhorsed by a COVID comeuppance?

And will the vulnerable ungentrifying underclasses daily populate transit (nobody else will) on employment journeys to the suburbs where they will provide low-paid services such as peddling latte carts through fear-wracked asphalt mazes, or building gates for newly gated communities?

Things are so confusing that apparently over-stressed professional moving companies are forced to rent from U-Haul. More on this topsy-turvy world and its puzzling futures from The New York Post: Moving companies in such high demand as New Yorkers flee the city