Landlords Vs. Climate Change: How Will Renters Weather The Clash?

water in abird bath reflects a bush fire in Victoria, Australia
Bush Fire Reflection, Victoria, Australia (7040883045) photo by Rod Waddington is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Reflection of bush fire in Victoria, Australia. Experts say renters need protections from the smoke and heat from the fires as well as climate change.

Australia already appears to be suffering from the dramatic and devastating effects of climate change while being led, like America, by a government that refuses to see any sign of climate change.

Some people in Australia, however, are feeling it as well as seeing it, though well away from the wildfires.

Unlike homeowners who can rationalize the sticker shock of a more efficient cooling (or heating) unit, renters are at the mercy of landlords, many of whom pursue a policy of benign neglect when it comes to upgrading. Experts suggest that future regulations should force landlords to make their properties more energy efficient.

And indeed, a responsible landlord might well upgrade to more appropriate efficiency, then share the costs with his tenants.

But what about Landlords who refuse to upgrade, old and increasingly more costly systems and pass the responsibility on to their tenants. Those tenants are already facing either health risks, or an increasing burden of unaffordability by paying a penalty to power energy-gobbling cooling and heating systems.

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