Lefties Brainwash Governments With Outrageous Fallacy: Non-Profits Build Better

Permanent supportive townhousing for people who are homeless in Baltimore
Baltimore Heritage Sojourner Place at Argyle Avenue (2015), 1400 block (east side) Argyle Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217 photo by Baltimore Heritage is licensed under the public domain
To our point - Sojourner Place Supportive Housing in Baltimore, just one example of non-profit built housing.

From Self-aggrandizement via Red Herrings To Fake News, a Forbes commentator solves our unaffordable housing crisis by snorting his way through a Niagara Falls of information to discover that water flows upwards.

Welcome, lefties, for an opportunity to get your nerd-glasses thoroughly steamed by a rightie with a wedgie ’cause his non-profit undies are too tight.

Self-aggrandizement? Kicking off an opinion piece entitled Housing Is Not A Right, the author gets immediately to not-the-point — a combat history which shows what a world-class leftie-wrassler he is. One might hope that a triumphalist curriculum vitae would trail into view in an ‘about the author’ text caboose rattling along behind a thundering train of thought. No such luck.

On to the Red Herring. A collection of land speculators who wrote the American Constitution neglected to include a Human Right to Housing. Any suggestion otherwise is just leftie flouncing.

So? Why not just let them flounce? Inspection of the full Forbes article (linked below) suggests that it’s all about what the author thinks are better ways to manage a nation’s need for affordable housing.

Wow! Talk about easily distracted! A few leftie flounces and the author, having introduced his illustrious self, immediately steps to the plate, shoulders a red herring and, batting right, swings for the fences: housing is not a right. Oh well. Tap your fingers and wait for him to run out of steam.

Then, on to the main event, Fake News: governments have been thoroughly brainwashed by full leftie drum corps beating out a relentless message: non-profits build affordable housing better!

Really? No. Sorry to say it, but that’s fake news.

We at affordablehousingaction.org scan the international press over and over again, day after day. From one side of the world to the other, governments tout, crow, promote, wallow in, finance and fawn all over public/private partnerships. Surely, surely, our author knows that ‘public/private partnership’ is code for a prevailing government brainwash-induced belief: private, free enterprise corporations do it better. When it comes to affordable housing, the public (governments) pony up the cash that private corporations spend to ‘do it better.’

Non-profits do it better? Thoroughly fake news. That claim is never made anywhere. The author suffers not from TMI (Too Much Information), but TMA (Too Many Adjectives). Get rid of the adjective: ‘Non-Profits do it better.’

And there you have it, the real news: ‘Affordable Housing? Non-profits do it.’ For just one of many, many good news stories about affordable housing being built by non-profits from around the world, read more at the CBC: Social Housing Developer Prepares To Open New Affordable Housing Project

More real news to digest: does the private sector build affordable housing? Of course not, that’s not what they do. They build profitable housing. Their preferred notion of affordability? Somebody, somewhere, can afford it, therefore it’s affordable housing.

But, leftie or rightie, don’t let inconvenient facts stand in the way of your reading enjoyment, in Forbes: Changing The Housing Debate Part 1: Housing Is Not A Right