Legalizing Homelessness: A Step In The Right Direction? Or Institutionalizing A Disgrace.

Colorado Springs - Garden of the Gods Park. View of Pikes Peak photo by jcsullivan24 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
A landscape for gods and tourists, but preferably not homeless camps.

On one side of the argument those who are forced to live a homeless way of life, and feel they have human rights, too.

On the other side, disgusted communities that are regularly forced put out fires, tear down unhealthy, eyesore encampments then clean up garbage and other (literally) shit.

Following in California’s footsteps, the Colorado legislature is debating a kind of ‘bill of rights’ for the homeless that aims to provide some protection for their persons and properties. Can these laws spur real community commitment to affordable housing, or will they do nothing more than establish a few ground rules for permanent homelessness on a simmering battleground between angry landowners and the persecuted homeless?

An opinion column in the Colorado Springs Gazette takes a look at the complex issues underlying the proposed legislation: Bring Everybody In To Combat Homelessness