Looking To Rent With Rental CV Handy? No? Everybody Else Has One!

derelict house in Wellington, New Zealand
Old house, new antenna photo by Tony Wills is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
Hoping to rent here in Wellington, New Zealand? Dust off your resume and it could be yours.

With renting a home becoming the flavour of reality (if not desirability) everywhere, it’s tough to stand out when would be renters flock and squawk around scarce opportunities, like seagulls around a lone potato chip.

In New Zealand, one hopeful couple hit upon the idea a rental CV,1 only to discover the rest of the circling flock were also clutching folders filled with glossy testimonials to themselves.

Renting is growing in popularity in many countries, with rental housing becoming correspondingly scarce. Got your rental CV ready?

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  1. CV — abbreviation for the latin ‘curriculum vitae,’ which doesn’t help much with understanding. For those who may not have encountered the term, a glossy self-promotional résumé usually listing work experience and used when applying for jobs.