Loudon County And The Rise Of ‘Please, In My Back Yard’

The Oatlands Mansion photo by blisseau is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
The kind of unaffordable housing that properly sets the tone in Loudon County, VA

Not NIMBY, but PLIMBY. Please in My Back Yard is becoming a social concern for the simple reason that the ‘sense of unreasonable entitlement’ underclass is growing beyond the homeless and the unemployed (barely more undesirable), through to include convenient but not absolutely essential servants such as baristas and grass-cutters, and now (in wealthy, unaffordable neighbourhoods) such grudgingly necessary service-class people as teachers, nurses and firefighters.

Apparently, the wealthy overclasses of Loudon County, Virginia are worried about the safe and smooth operation of their graceful living community. Hence PLIMBY. Read more in wtop:  Why wealthy Loudoun County wants more affordable housing

Upscale suburbs are not the only wealthy but socially unhealthy communities that are growing aware of a symbiotic relationship between those who have, and those who have not.

Try, from Canada: Wealthy, isolated Whistler, BC compelled to Implement PLIMBY (Please, in My Back Yard), and, from the US West Coast: Get Involved, Dirtbags! Guru-some Housing Advice From The Top of A Mountain for recreation-elite regions which view PLIMBY with approval,

or try, from the Scottish Islands: When Lack of Affordable Housing For Others Becomes A Health Problem For You, for charming, rustic holiday retreats which are squeezing out essential service people.