Building Giant Thinks Tower Construction Outside The ‘Module Box’ Box

montage showing complex factory perched on half-built high rise tower
P1030355.1 (factory) photo by lkajsdfl is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
High Rise Under Construction 2 photo by Maurya Rohit is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Where to put your clever housing module factory? Why not right on top of every new tower construction?

So. You have a local or regional need for affordable housing modules? Where should the manufacturing be sited?

Let’s take one extreme example: as far away as you like. How about China?

We recently explored a modular housing project in Los Angeles based on ‘home in a box’ modules almost completely manufactured and finished in China, then shipped across the Pacific. Try: Can’t Do Affordable Housing Modules In California? No Matter, China Can

For another intriguing take using modular construction to reduce the price of housing, let’s move to the opposite extreme: from the ultimate distance, to the closest possible location — the construction site itself.

A International construction giant, Mace, has announced a new UK refinement of its definitely outside-the-box approach to modular housing. It involves a ‘jump factory’ system — siting a mobile factory-style assembly on the ever-changing top floor of a tower construction project.

Read more about Mace’s  ‘jump factories’ and their new digital sophistication in HOUSINGTODAY: Mace Unveils New Offsite Tower Build System