Make America Great In Social Housing: Follow China’s New Lead?

unfinished apartment buildings, China.
A Chins housing project,gone bust and still unfinished. Unhappy with current housing development policies, China is looking for better models.

To hear America talk about it, that nation is in a contest for top dog of the world. Maintaining its influence, it remains firmly committed to a capitalist, free-enterprise political model. Meanwhile, should China — currently challenging America’s world dominance — continue to work from the strictly socialist mode that frames its nation? Beleaguered by its own national housing problems another approach is arguably needed.

But in search of housing solutions, China appears to be turning away from its socialist past to chose a housing model developed in an unabashedly capitalist, free-enterprise country.

Hardly a surprise that China has not chosen to follow America’s disgraced and disgraceful social (public) housing system. Instead China is looking towards the housing successes of another capitalist country: Singapore.

Since its independence in 1964, Singapore has followed a social-housing-for-all initiative that ultimately allows a capitalist blessing for its citizens — the security — and indeed wealth — of home ownership.

By choosing Singapore’s world-renowned approach to social housing, China appears to be breaking free of doctrinaire socialist housing solutions. Meanwhile America continues to wallow in its deeply hostile approach to all things socialist, even as it continues to engineer the ever-deepening failure of grudgingly-acknowledged housing needs of its poorer citizens. Are we seeing this history-bound inflexibility as at least one reason why America’s world leadership is at risk?

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