COVID + Climate Change: Health Vulnerable At Risk Both Hot And Cold

double decker buses navigate london streets in snow
Cold weather in London may look pretty, but it spells an extra health risk during pandemic.

In a recent post, we considered summer heat maps which coincided with U.S. urban discrimination practices, leaving poorer and more vulnerable people at risk in the record-breaking heat waves of the last few years.1

A new United Kingdom report explores an opposite danger. Far too many houses nationally supply substandard heating to their tenants, stressing their health as coronavirus lurks to take advantage. The world of lockdowns, job loss, and insufficient rent money reaching landlord hands, many building owners are currently in no position to upgrade their building heating and/or insulation. Read more at the Centre for Aging Better: Millions in cold and damp homes could be at greater risk of COVID-19 this winter


  1. Try: Yonkers, NY, Traces Yesterday’s Past Black Discrimination That Now Kills Today