Montréal: Can A By-Law Hitch An Affordable Cart To The Housing Dragon?

statue with child riding a dragon
A Fada e o Dragón, Xaime Quessada, Vigo photo by HombreDHojalata is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
It's one thing to ride a dragon, but hitching a cart?

Montréal, Québec is like communities everywhere that recognize a need for secure, truly affordable housing for low- and no- income citizens. And like many, many communities, Montréal would far prefer that some other entity — not the municipality itself — should pay for it.

Why not, then, harness the power of the housing industry dragon that spits out almost all the housing needs of entire municipalities, while gorging on its own insatiable quest for profit? Can a new municipal bylaw tack a social housing cart to the tail of the dragon, forcing it to pay for a city’s housing needs for low- and no- income needs?

The mayor of Montréal believes this social objective can be successfully hitched to a free enterprise beast. Others worry the dragon will go walkabout, taking its appetite for housing profits elsewhere, sidestepping the city’s bylaws. Or will the beast simply pass these social welfare costs onto the shoulders of those who also must have shelter but can afford to buy or rent it?

Read more at Global News: Montreal mayor unveils reworked housing bylaw: ‘I feel like we did the right thing’

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