Habitat For Humanity Breaks New Trail In Kamloops British Columbia

Kamloops BC from a train window
Kamloops photo by Oriol Salvador is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Kamloops, BC

Habitat for Humanity, arguably one of the most respected and successful affordable house building charities in the world, is undergoing a sea change.

Even with its ability to mobilize construction volunteers willing to pay to help on a Habitat build, the rising cost of materials, construction and land is slowly edging the charity away from its single housing unit focus based on donations and sweat equity.1

Finding institutional funding dollars is becoming more and more a part of this legendary house-building organization’s activities. Habitat is adapting, using familiar skills for unfamiliar forms of building with less potential for volunteer participation.

With the support of government funding, the Habitat for Humanity chapter in Kamloops British Columbia is currently moving ahead with a new project — a multi-story building to house new immigrants. Read more in CFJC Today: Multi-Unit Affordable Housing Project Marks New Era For Habitat For Humanity


  1. Say It Ain’t So! Missing Middle Gobbles Up Habitat for Humanity Homes