National Housing Crises Everywhere? Fix Them By Killing Neoliberalism

A phot of Reagan and other White House officials laugh in a picture entitled

Fine to suggest killing it, but both left-wing leaning and right-wing leaning political parties in westernized nations have been enamoured with neoliberalism for the past thirty or forty years.

Is “neoliberalism” a political philosophy? Or a social disease? Many now believe it is both.

So what is neoliberalism? How does it relate to “Thatcherism” and “Reaganomics?” Who dreamed it up, which countries and which leaders, have adopted it? How is it meant to work? How does it actually work? Why does it so thoroughly infect political thought and practice after decades of failed experiment? Is America’s Congress well-placed to be society’s Saint George and slay the dragon that many feel has outstayed its welcome?

A lengthy article from Salon does a fine job of exploring Neoliberalism’s life and times from an American perspective. Read more:  The crisis of neoliberalism: America arrives at one of history’s great crossroads

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