New Age Hippy-Dippy Communes? It Is A New Age, Take Out The Hippy-Dippy & Enjoy Affordable Ownership

View of Madison, WI photo by Richard Hurd is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Madison,WI, where a little collective action has gone a long way towards affordable ownership.

Cheek-by-jowl living but not necessarily partnership? A little cooperation can turn a collection of cash-strapped couples and singles into homeowners, without the need of waiting lists, agency approval, out of reach mortgage down payments, affordable housing grants, subsidies, or tax credits.

If you’re just such a cash-strapped couple or single, do you need MACHA? You betcha!

MACHA stands for the Madison Area Cooperative Housing Alliance. it’s a group of couples and singles who have purchased a home together, pay monthly the equivalent of extremely affordable rents, and would like to share their experience and expertise with others. For more, read their story in Isthmus: Affordable ownership

In a related story, with a many young people staying single in early adulthood, a report from the United Kingdom is urging those responsible for subsidized public housing to revise their rules. The intent would be to give young single renters the same affordable opportunities in housing that was initially designed only for low income families. Consider: Non-Marriage Of Convenience: Affordable Housing For A Redefined Family


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