Call A Public Housing Tenant Criminal Without Evidence? New Jersey Will Sue.

A series of row houses, one fenced off and the windows boarded, two more still occupied
The Best of What's Left photo by Chris Pesotski is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
A New Jersey Public Housing Project, which has been torn down and redeveloped. Not all were rushing the leave. With better care could it still be going strong?

Thatcherite1 governments have for several decades now made a virtue of removing as much government as they can from people’s lives. In the US, this influence on social welfare has included a concerted effort to deny as much responsibility as possible for the housing of lowest- and no- income citizens.

One denialist strategy has been the attempt to privatize existing government-financed public housing. Another has been to underfund public housing to the point of irreversible deterioration, then tear it down.

Rather than face the music for its brutal treatment of the most vulnerable US citizens, the federal government  has become complicit in a campaign to demonize public housing tenants, as if their very contact with such a “socialist” program as subsidized housing has turned them into depraved criminals.

The effort to shift the blame for the “failure” of public housing has been so successful that tenant-bashing has become an effective tool to prevent serious discussion about the potential benefits of government-supported housing. Odd, really, considering it is a concept long demonstrated to be a success in many parts of the world, including its early years in the US.

Pushback against the idea that public housing tenants are evil criminals is sorely needed before the US can seriously consider the true potential of public housing. Meanwhile investment-driven unaffordable “affordable housing” is becoming both a national and worldwide scandal.

And pushback is happening, thank goodness, courtesy of New Jersey’s Attorney-General. Read more in the DAILY CALLER: New Jersey Attorney General Sues Trump Administration Over Tweet Saying Public Housing Correlates With Crime


  1. A term named for United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, much admired in conservative circles for introducing drastic curbs on government social welfare spending.

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