New Life For 100 Year Old Buildings?

street level view of Albert Road in Govanhill, Glasgow, showing tenement housing above and commercial uses at street level
34-50 Albert Road, Glasgow, Scotland photo by Podzemnik is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
A pilot retrofitting project is underway in Glasgow. It will shrink the carbon footprint of tenement buildings like this one.

Climate change research has identified a number of emission culprits. One of those culprits is older housing stock. A team in Glasgow is setting out to figure out how to reverse that.

Eight housing units in a building that is over 100 years old will be transformed from big emitters to non-emitters. As the work progresses, the team will assess how this pilot could be expanded to a larger scale. A big concern going into the project is maintaining the affordability of the existing units, as transforming housing with a large carbon footprint requires money.

It’s a triple challenge: refurbishment, energy efficiency, and affordability — certainly something for everyone to keep their eye on! For more on this development, see at the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence: Climate Emergency Funding For Major New Project In Glasgow