Dallas Provides A Megacity View From The ‘Burbs: Past, Present And Future

a huge expanse of highway sweeps towards the nighttime lights of distant downtown dallas
Invincible highway photo by Peter Muoki is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Dallas TX highways: expensive relics, or

A report from Dallas Texas enumerates some of the pros, cons, and one-day-hopeful pros again in a city that is a giant festival of sprawl.

The report focuses on the impact of travel costs on affordability of life in the city, and its less than obvious impact on the cost of housing. The looming spectre of climate change plays no part in this discussion, which examines how Dallas citizens, in search of the both the luxury and the current necessity of the car culture, have created the fifth least affordable major city in the United States.

With this enlightening report about the once-and-future of suburban living, readers must bring their own climate change optimism to the table — imagining that investments in clean transport, both personal and mass, will continue to offer a future that takes advantage of America’s wide open spaces.

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