NIMBY ‘Just Say No’ Doesn’t Cut It. Condo Pitches In To Find Alternatives

view of park in Thunder Bay Ontario
Waverley Park Thunder Bay photo by P199 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
Waverley Park, Thunder Bay as an official homeless tent encampment? Not far enough away for indignant homeowners. "Make them live at the edge of town!"

It’s ‘same old same old’ NIMBY protest in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Tent encampments under elevated Condo-dweller noses cause an inevitable stink. But a condo in Thunder Bay has added a little extra juice — coming down from the defence of their battlements and pitching in with local activists to explore practical alternatives.

It’s a welcome addition for any beleaguered city council that is struggling, like so many other community governments, with an intractable but growing problem.

So . . . what about ‘officializing’ that site on the edge of town that had some tenting use last summer?

Thanks for the idea, but . . .  particularly in winter, how will the penniless access services they need and that are offered a good distance away?

So the city is getting practical advice from neighbourhood protection services such as condo associations. Are we moving towards an era when those with better off housing offer practical assistance out of deeper pockets — say in order to run a free bus service from remote campsites to downtown?

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