NIMBYite Baby Boomers Go Out With A Bang, Not A Whimper

getting ready to snarl photo by A. Rollettson is licensed under © all rights reserved.
Sure, these boomers may talk to each other, give a civil grunt to a neighbour, but they're guaranteed to show fangs (or dentures) and scream in the face of an affordable housing activist.

Affordable Housing? How quaint. Of course. Only take it somewhere else. Otherwise I personally guarantee to shove your XXXX up your YYYY until you bleed buckets and scream for mercy.”

Were they ever civil? Not any longer. Reports from the affordable housing trenches more and more describe snarly, nasty boomers who are bound and determined to have their cake and eat it.

Progressive left wing voters? Maybe so, but don’t let one of these geriatric pit bulls get their teeth in your activist ass. They know how to make you SQUEAL!

Entrenched in their one house/one lot neighbourhood paradise, a generation of over-the-hill retirees man the NIMBY barricades with activist fervour, relentlessly employing whatever it takes — lawyers, injunctions, stays, writs, torts, all manner of other nefarious instruments of relentless legal torture together with snarls, invective, insults, and shouting to block any and all attempts to allow incomers to invade the neighbourhood. Responsibility for the nation’s affordable housing crisis is an OP (other people) problem.

Read more on this growing phenomenon in Huffington Post: Progressive Boomers Are Making It Impossible For Cities To Fix The Housing Crisis


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