“No Address:” A Search For A New Homelessness Movie Unveils A Hidden Gem

informal photo of Alanis Obomsawim
Indigenous filmmaker Alanis Obomsawim.

This writer’s hat is off is Christos Makridis and his website, Zenger News. Further hat-doffing to Forbes for publishing a Makridis story. His article whets the appetite for a new film entitled No Address — a set of dramatic stories written and filmed with actors playing the role of seven people facing the daily horrors of homelessness.

Not only is a film to be released entitled No Address, but a documentary is also in the works entitled Americans With No Address.

Sounds all very interesting, a sure post for our blog! But . . . viewable Now? Streaming? Cinema release? And if not now, then when and by whom?

A little unusual, to say the least, to read a torrent of production detail that would put Rotten Tomatoes to shame, but without a clue as to where to feast upon not just one, but two different treatments on the subject of homelessness.

Nothing but intrepid, this writer unloaded the heavy research guns and Googled “No Address.” Ha! A hole in one! Problem done and dusted! No Address is a creation of a world famous documentary film producer — The Canadian National Film Board (CNFB).

No Address follows the fortunes a number of Indigenous Canadians who have travelled south to find themselves homeless in the city of Montréal . . .

Wait a minute.

Yes, there does seem to be an indigenous lead character in the Forbes story called No Address. But. . .

On further investigation there appears to be rather a number of disparities between the CNFB production and that described in Forbes. Not the least of which is the CNFB production date: 1988.


Still further research determines that the CNFB production No Address is a work produced by Alanis Obomsawim. She is a giant in the world of Indigenous activism in Canada. And much of what she featured in her 1988 film still has resonance and meaning today.

So, accidentally affordablehousingaction.org has the opportunity praise a venerable CNFB production and strongly recommend its viewing to anyone, even Americans!

As for the Forbes-described productions No Address and Americans With No Address, we bide our time in anticipation of their release and hopefully some unmissable publicity push to explain their how and when and where.

Read considerably more about these new production titles and their proposed futures in Forbes: Scripted Feature Film, “No Address,” Brings Hope And Solutions To Homelessness

And, as well, feast upon the 1988 CNFB Production which is currently available for screening: No Address