North American ‘Unhoused’ Story’ That Is Truly A Sign Of The Times

Are you homeless, by chance? If so, you’ve probably never considered the following solution — undoubtedly, few people have.  Why not live inside a large commercial advertising sign?

True, your creature comforts might be rough and ready. But heat and light could be available. We know from current reports the creature comforts of life in a giant sign included a coffee maker and a computer.

So who knew she was living up in her precarious perch? Not many, apparently.  A Michigan woman managed to keep her unusual living quarters a secret for more than a year of rooftop activity in Midland, Michigan. It certainly stretches the imagination, if not the climbing muscles!

We went looking for a photograph of such a sign. The grocery chain is a substantial one, which suggests the ‘famous-for-at-least-a-day’ grocery sign might be available as stock footage. Or form a pictorial backdrop for some local amateur photographer with the munchies.

No luck so far in the photo department, though some of the news outlets reporting this story have posted a plausible picture.

But come, on, we are kidding here, surely! This never really happened, did it? It seems that this is what the extremes of homelessness may be coming to in North America

Some credit is due to the police, as well as the owners of the the Family Fare grocery chain, who respected the ‘rooftop ninja’s’ wish for privacy. The owners also made a statement lamenting the current housing crisis engulfing the country. Hat’s off To them for their understanding, not to mention to the the ingenuity of the woman who found the space.

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