NYC Housing Crisis: Regulators Overwhelmed As Rent Controlled Apartments Are Ground To Dust

Hell's Kitchen photo by Maciek Lulko is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
Hidden behind NYC tenement facades, rent controlled housing is being stolen from tenants.

In a three part series, Unsheltered, the New York Times exposes the rapid and horrifying destruction of its rent controlled apartment stock.

Gentrification in a red hot housing market has simply overwhelmed New York’s weakened regulatory capacity. Rapacious landlords employ an arsenal of dirty tricks to illegally harass tenants, squeeze rents higher and abuse the justice system to evict tenants.

An overmmatched and passive system of regulators cannot begin to correct abuse of the tenants, nor save affordable apartments as they are simply destroyed to make way for new market rate housing, or suffer rents squeezed upwards until they lose their rent controlled status.

If you are interested in affordable housing and a New York Times subscriber, this is a must read series of articles. If the Times offers a monthly free read allowance. Or sign up to regularly read one of the world’s great newspapers.

See the first of the three part Unsheltered series in the New York Times: Behind New York’s Housing Crisis: Weakened Laws and Fragmented Regulation



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