OECD: Homelessness In Australia Ranks 3rd Worldwide

person experiencing homelessness in Sydney, Australia
Homeless man-1 photo by Sardaka is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Australians have the highest median wealth in the world, yet they rank 3rd in the proportion of the population that is homeless. At $264,903 per adult, Australia’s wealth is six times that of Finland, where homelessness is going down. And, in Australia, the numbers of people who are homeless is growing.

So reports Gerry Georgatos, a suicide prevention worker. As he notes, there are many paths leading to homelessness: this story highlights the longstanding effects of child abuse.

Georgatos also relates that the Finnish media repeatedly drew enough attention to homelessness that the government was moved to act effectively. Read more in The Stringer: Australia’s homeless – 3rd highest rate OECD and street homeless deaths increasing